• A summer camp is organized annually during the summer vacations as an effort to motivate the students to utilize their vacations productively in enhancing their inherent talents. Hobby classes in Personal Grooming, Classical and Western Dancing, Vocal and instrumental music, drawing and painting, Yoga are regular features of the Summer Camp.
  • DANCE:- The students are trained in various rhythmic foot patterns and different body postures and movements of dance. Various themes are taken up and performed by these students in school assemblies for special festival celebration.
  • ART:- The school provides optimum environment for the students to explore their creativity. We offer them different modes of art like sketching, Painting, Pot Painting, Glass Painting etc.
  • VOCAL MUSIC:- Vocal music training is given to our students from LKG to Std. VIII level. School puts main focus to give complete support to their students and are taught festival songs, folk songs, Patriotic songs & inspirational songs etc. In the school, singing competitions are organized through which individual talents of the students are given expression.
  • ART:- Special emphasis is laid to enhance reading, writing and conversation skills in both English and Hindi. Various competitions such as Hindi and English Calligraphy, Recitations, Creative Writings and Spell Bee Competitions, Mathematics, Science and General Knowledge Quiz are organized to make the evaluation system more activity oriented.


SEWA (Social Empowerment through Work Education and Action) an endeavor by CBSE is a program that aims to focus on the mental, emotional and social health of a student. The SEWA theme is changed and attuned every year to cater to the needs of the current scenario. The main objective of SEWA projects is to direct children’s mind in constructive activities with positive outcomes through the facilitation of creative and critical thinking. This would help them to develop self- confidence and self-esteem.

SEWA activities comprises raising community awareness regarding health, sanitation, civic habits and environment and environmental activities like cleanups, recycling etc.


Every fortnight one of the houses takes the responsibility of conducting the assembly in the proper way. The assembly begins with School Prayer ; followed by the National Pledge and Thought of the day by the allotted student conducting the assembly and its explanation in English; Daily news is read to update the students about National and International happenings; to increase the students` vocabulary, 2 vocabulary words with their meanings are read out daily. Special assemblies are held on important days. Teacher`s motivational talk, twice a week, is also an integral part of assembly.

The achievers of any field are appreciated in the assembly in front of all the students to recognize their work and motivate the other students to try to achieve something in their field of interest. Every day the Principal attends the assembly to brief the students about the school activities, makes important announcements and gives motivational speeches to inculcate discipline and values among the students.

The assembly is concluded by singing either National Anthem or National Song . It is mandatory for all the teachers to attend the morning assembly.

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