We at perfect are committed to, make a difference to the lives of our kid consumer, through product of offering greatest, excellent quality in promotions that bring a smile to their lips. As a part of this enduring commitment, We bring to you this evaluable compendium on the top English Medium Co-education school in a village of Haryana, The village, RIWAZPUR is just 4km away and adjacent to sector-89 of renowned city Faridabad (Haryana).

  • To impart a holistic education helping the learners and teams equip themselves with all the spheres of life i.e. Physical, Intellectual, Social, Patriotic, Religious, Cultural, Moral and Spiritual etc.
  • It is our endeavor to impart high standard with personal qualities for good character and behavior. Good personal relation, a sense of responsibilities, team work and loyalty.
  • To develop the learner’s tolerance so that they can win the world.
  • Qualities of inventiveness, curiosity, imagination and ability to look after oneself.

  • Understandings to contribute to community towards hygiene, moral health and co-operation.
  • A pursuit of excellence and value with confidence and challenge to excel.
  • To develop the child to its fullest capacity.
  • To create a happy, Safe and purposeful schooling.
  • To help children to develop positive attitudes to learning, inquiry and a respect for honest.

  • To help children to communicate affectively, to develop a deeper understanding of subject and appreciation of language.
  • To enjoy reading, to develop mathematical skills to acquire knowledge for constructive use.
  • Encourage scientific and technological curiosity, careful observation and to be sensible.
  • To develop a deeper understanding and perception of our environment and heritage.

  • To enjoy the skill in writing, art, craft, oratory and scientific thinking.
  • The development of potential and a sense of personal worth of each child.
  • To establish a school community where teachers, students and parents work together towards achieving the above aim.
  • It is our hope that our student will develop as responsible, caring human being, able to impart purposes and direction to their lives.

  • ABM Public Sr. Sec. School
    Riwazpur (Sector - 89), Wazirpur - Tikawali Road, Gr. Faridabad - 121002, India.
    P: 0129-2202500, 2202501, 2202505 | M: +91-9810938577 |
    E-Mail: infoabmschool@gmail.com

    Affiliated to CBSE- #530832