“Arise! Awake! And stop not till the goal is reached.” – Swami Vivekananda

Thank you for considering ABM Public Sr. Sec. School. Such right choice leads to a competitive advantage. Education is the stone of development and prosperity of the country as it impacts all aspects of life. The intellectual competitiveness is essential to the self and to the country for achieving the status of the globalization.

ABM Public Sr. Sec. Schoolis the academic temple of higher learning. We are living in a very fast changing world. Hardly a day passes when new researches are not being reported in the areas of Computers, Bio-Sciences, Management, Information Technology, Space-Sciences and several other emerging areas.

Realizing its responsibilities and duties, ABM Public Sr. Sec. Schoolis committed to preserve our cultural past and to take the society on the path of progress by ensuring quality-oriented and research based modern equation trough the introduction of the latest and most innovative techniques in all fields and areas of knowledge and learning to meet the present demands of the times in the global context.

We are here to welcome with open arms to well develop Science & Math labs, well stacked library, Computer facilities in the lab. We have all the facilities to smoothen up your efforts to achieve your ambitious goals. You are going to enter the instruction which is going to provide you quality learning and which will groom young future leaders to be complete value driven human beings to its fullest capacity with a deep passion of humanity. There will be the global leaders who will lead the country.

The ABM Public Sr. Sec. Schoolis a school of difference and is determined to prove idle man making. Are extremely talented faculty who inculcate, by examples in student the spirit of dedication, Sincerity and Loyalty, And to all the parents who support our mission with so much enthusiasm. The ABM Public Sr. Sec. Schoolhas envisioned the goal of creating leaders, "THE GLOBAL LEADERS".

I Nahar Singh Chauhan also welcome to those students who are eager to join the school for a better career in the education.
“My Mission is nation building through education and beyond”

(Affiliated to C.B.S.E, Delhi)
Riwajpur (OPP. Aman Villa by Puri Construction ) Sector-89,Greater Faridabad-121002 (Haryana)
M: +91-9810938577, 8743921001
E-Mail: infoabmschool@gmail.com, info@abmschool.com

Affiliated to CBSE- #530832