Affiliated to CBSE- #530832

ABM Public Sr. Sec. School

Admission Open For Session 2021-22

The above system occupies a prominent position in the field of co-curricular activities which are organized in a healthy competitive spirit. Each student is allocated a particular house at the time of admission and he/she continues his/her stay in the same house till the time he/she is in the school. It helps the students to learn a great deal of self discipline, leadership, loyalty and belongingness to the institution.

The School is presently divided into four houses. Viz,

To involve the students in the smooth running of the school each house is put on duty for a week. The house on duty has to carry out the following rules : -

  • Flag hosting.
  • Giving the morning talk in the Assembly.
  • Other duties related to co-curricular activities.
  • Writing Thought for the Day on the Board.
  • Conducting the Morning Assembly.
  • Contributing towards “Wall-Magazine”.
  • Looking after the cleanliness of the school.
  • Checking the corridors and maintaining school discipline.
  • Giving “Thought for the Day” and the “News” in the Assembly.
  • Duty at the school gate before the morning assembly, checking up the late comers and students not wearing proper uniform.

    (Affiliated to C.B.S.E, Delhi)
    Riwajpur (OPP. Aman Villa by Puri Construction ) Sector-89,Greater Faridabad-121002 (Haryana)
    M: +91-9810938577, 8743921001

    Affiliated to CBSE- #530832