Affiliated to CBSE- #530832

ABM Public Sr. Sec. School

Admission Open For Session 2021-22

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The school library has a good collection of books in different subjects and for general reading. Housed above the administrative department, the senior school library is very spacious providing an optimum studying environment for the students. The Primary wing also has a well-stocked library providing pleasurable reading to the young tiny tots. More than 5, 800 books are stocked and 6 magazines & 5 newspaper are subscribed by the school. Senior library has a collection of reference books, students course books ,teachers copies, audio-visual aids etc.

Compact discs, LCD Projector, Video and Audio Cassettes covering a wide range of subjects and current topics supplement the repository of the teaching aids used as a part of the pedagogical process. A well organized and prompt library service is one of the distinctive features of the school. The school library has a collection of wonderful & exciting books suited to the needs & tastes of growing children. The reading room is regularly updated with useful journals & newspapers for all ages, abilities & aptitudes.


  • The library shall remain open from 9.00 A.M. to 2.00 P.M. on all working days.
  • Each class has been allotted at least one period in a week. Students should get books issued or returned in that period only.
  • Students are expected to follow the library rules and maintain the decorum while making the best use of the library facilities put up in the library. In the junior school, the library period is taken in class. The students may in addition exchange books during the break.


  • The library is meant to be a quiet place for study and reading. Other people have the right to quiet. Please keep your voices low. Treat everyone respectfully. Do not disturb others. Use appropriate voice and behaviour. Learn to lower your voice before entering your library.
  • The library has an open shelf system; Books are already arranged neatly for convenience of all users. Students must not place books haphazardly on the shelves or tables. Put books back on the proper shelf. Tuck in chairs. Do not leave your notebooks. Carry them with you. The library staff is not responsible for items you leave behind.


  • There are no beverages, food or gum allowed in the library at any time. Eating and drinking must be done outside the library.
  • Students are not allowed to bring their personal books, School Bags or belongings into the library.
  • The Borrower's Ticket is Not Transferable. Issue books only against your own Borrower's Ticket.
  • During class time students may only come into the library with a pass from their teacher.
  • Always Check the due date. Others need to use the book. If the book is not returned on or before the due date, a late fee of Rs. 1/- per day per book is charged.


  • PenaltiesOn loss of Borrower's Tickets, member shall have to pay a fine of Rs. 10/-. If a book issued to the member is not returned on or before the due date, a late fee of Rs. 5/- per day per book is charged. In case of book issued for overnight is not returned next day, the late fee of Rs. 10/- is charged per day per book.
  • Books marked, disfigured or damaged will have to be replaced or paid for by the Borrower. Any borrower found mutilating, defacing or attempting to illegally remove any library material will be referred to the Principal for disciplinary action.
  • Persons failing to comply with Library rules and policies may be asked to leave the Library. Repeat offenders will be reported to the Student Council and/or have their library privileges revoked.
  • In the event of loss, users will bear the replacement cost of the book, plus additional handling and processing charges. (In the event that a library item which has been deemed to have been lost is subsequently found and returned, the Librarian may refund part or whole of the replacement costs to the patron, but all processing and other handling changes will be deemed non-refundable.)
  • All outstanding fines or fees must be settled prior to term and exam of your class.

    (Affiliated to C.B.S.E, Delhi)
    Riwajpur (OPP. Aman Villa by Puri Construction ) Sector-89,Greater Faridabad-121002 (Haryana)
    M: +91-9810938577, 8743921001

    Affiliated to CBSE- #530832